Meet the team

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Steven has been here for 24 years and is still loving his work. He has bred and kept many species of fish. He makes sure the shop is full of rare and exciting fish for our customers.

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Sales Assistant


Chris breeds many species of Dwarf Cichlids. He can tell you all the techniques. Plenty of the Apistogramma Cacatuoides in the shop have come from Chris.

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Sales and Insect Fanatic


Stewart knows every knook and cranny in the shop and can show you where everything is. Don't ask him about insects though, you'll be talking for hours.

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Sales and Digital Marketing


Elliot is the newest member of the team and has taken on the online side of the shop. He loves trying to breed new fish that the shop gets in.



01772 601777

Opening Times:

Monday-Saturday 11:00-17:00

Sunday 11:00-16:00


338 Southport Road

PR26 8LQ

Inside Leyland Garden Centre

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