At Aqualife, we always have a wide variety of plants in stock (Tropical and Coldwater). Some are sold in bunches while others are available in small pots. The following list and photographs highlight just a few of the reliable growers which are usually in stock, along with some basic information and approximate price.

All bunched plants: 2.49 each or 6 for 14.

"Tropica" potted plants: Prices vary according to variety and size.
(As coded by Tropica on each plant card)

Plant display

Java Fern
Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus) A very reliable hardy plant which, when planted on bogwood (or a rock) not only adds a more aesthetic appearance to the wood/rock but will eventually spread and cover the whole of it with a good growth. An added bonus is that new young plants will form at the tips of the leaves and also on the underside of the plant leaf.(see inset photo) Price: Java Fern on Bogwood 14.99

Java Fern On Bogwood

Microsorium windelov
Another plant which is easy to grow and very reliable and can be attached to bogwood or rock is microsorium "windelov". Very similar to Java Fern except it has some attractive feathery fingers at the end. As with Java Fern, plantlets will eventually grow on the leaf ends of a mature plant Price: Windelov on Bogwood 14.99

Microsorium "windelov"

Plants giving height
A standard plant for the back of the tank has got to be Vallisneria.We stock straight Vallis (Vallisneria Spiralis) and the Giant Vallis (V. gigantea). There is also Twisted Vallis (V. tortifolia). A bonus with all the varieties is that they propogate by giving off runners which will root themselves in the gravel. Let the "new" runner plant establish itself as this will in turn give off another runner (as in photo below), then re-plant wherever you want to re-locate. Price; 2.49

Giant Vallis cover

Amazon Swordplant
An excellent plant for the rear of the tank. Price; 2.49

Amazon Sword

Crinum calamistratum
Yet another really attractive plant for the rear of the tank (and a very reliable grower)
Price; 8.99

Crinum calamistratum

Nymphoides sp. "Taiwan"
This attractive plant has some wide beautifully shaped leaves and, if you want height, is a fast grower
Price; 5.99

Nymphoides sp. "Taiwan"

Elodea densa
An easy to grow plant (also for cooler water) and is an excellent oxygenator
Price; 2.49

Elodea densa

Hygrophila difformis
An easy to grow plant, a nice leaf shape and again giving some height to your planting arrangement
Price; 2.49.

Hygrophila difformis

An ideal plant combining the three best qualities!; it gives height, it's attractive and it's a very good grower
Price; 2.49

Plants to root on Bogwood or rocks
This is one of the "tough" plants which will grow in the more shaded parts of your tank. It is easily wedged into a crevice in Bogwood or a rock. It is slow growing but very reliable.
One of the larger Anubias species, Anubias var "Nana" is easily wedged into a crevice and creates a very pleasing impression. Price: Varies acc. to size.

Bogwood with Anubias

Anubias barteri "caladifolia"
This variety of Anubias grows really large Price; 14.99

Floating Plants....
Amazon Frogbit
A floating plant that gives excellent surface cover, grows quickly and is a sturdy, waxy plant is Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium Laevigatum). I have to say that sizewise, this is pleasingly much bigger than Salvinia, (the single plant in the right hand photo measures 6 cms across) Price; 2.49 (Not always available)

Amazon Frogbit

Riccia (Riccia fluitans) or Crystalwort is another excellent floating plant and will form a dense and sometimes deep carpet at the surface. It has a lovely appearance with its interlocking branches and along with other floating plants, gives excellent cover for any really tiny fry. Price; 2.99 per tub


Plants for the shade....
Obviously, Java Fern, M. windelov and Anubias will still grow alright in the shady part but another group of plants that will grow well are Cryptocorynes; they will also give the fishkeeper a good choice of plant height and leaf shape. Crypts are a hardy species but as with all plants, trim off any decaying or fading leaves.
We have a good selection of Cryptocorynes in stock:

Cryptocoryne "willissii"

Cryptocorene willissii Price; 4.19

Other varieties of Crypts..
There are many varieties of Crypts to choose from, but others we have in stock are.. "becketti", "affinis", "wendtii" and undulata "broad leaves". These are all quality "Tropica" potted plants.

An attractive plant which you don't need to plant, just leave it loose in the tank where it grows really well. Price per bag: 3

A good growth of Nitella

Close up of Nitella showing the fine attractive leaves

Lomariopsis lineata
Another plant which you can leave loose is Lomariopsis lineata. This is one of the more unusual Mosses and not easy (or cheap!) to get hold of. It's very different and attractive and will grow just resting on the gravel. I have it covering about a quarter of my tank to a depth of 3 cms. I can really recommend this plant. Not always available so if it's in, get some!! Price; 4 per bag

Lomariopsis lineata

Java Moss
An excellent loose plant, especially for egg layers to use for spawning and also for fry to hide in. Price; 2.99 per "clump"

  Obviously plant stocks fluctuate but most of these plants are available at Aqualife throughout the year.

 ** Please note that we no longer stock Cabomba or Canadian Pondweed
(Elodea canadensis),as both of these plants are banned for aquarists to keep.

Other plants in stock...

Aponogeton ulvaceus
Aponogeton bolivianus
Nymphoides aquatica "banana"
Madagascar Lace Plant
Cardamine lyrata
Hygrophila polysperma
Ludwigia repens "Diamond Red"
Nymphaea Tiger Lotus
Salvinia natans

Almond Leaves often in stock

Also,often in our tanks and for sale... Anubias and Java Fern on Bogwood

Plant summaries and photos: Ivor Hilton