Aquarists who are coldwater enthusiasts are equally well catered for, with both an indoor and outdoor section.
In the outdoor vats, as well as Goldfish, there are Koi of all sizes, ranging in price from a little over 2 to some beautiful Grade A Koi priced at 199.

Indoor tanks:-
Inside, there are 9 coldwater tanks containing a variety of fancy goldfish,
as well as other cold water species such as Loach, Bitterling and Dace.

The coldwater tanks

Pond Plants;-
Always a good stock of plants, marginals and Lilies in stock.
Outside the shop you can buy a wide variety of marginal plants which are all potted
and in racks, as well as oxygenators such as Elodea and Hornwort for your pond.

Water features;-
If you haven't enough room for a pond in your garden,
here is a very attractive water feature to consider...

Water feature
Here we have two reconstituted sandstone troughs,a cast iron pump,
an electrical water pump, a selection of cobbles
as well as feet to support the trough. Price: 259.00

***Please note, we now close at 5.30 pm NOT 6.00 pm.

Indoor Tanks, Current Stock...

Although not updated weekly like the tropical (due to the fact that
we don't have as many stock deliveries), the stock list below is always up to date.

New coldwater just in in ....(APRIL)

Diamond Sturgeon (10" - 12" )

Also just in (April)....
Calico Oranda
Blue Orfe
Grey Sterlet ( 7" - 8")
Butterfly Ghost Koi
Red Goldfish 1"-2"
Lemon Goldfish
Sarasa Comet
Calico Ranchu Lionhead
Red and White Oranda
Electric Blue Dace
Red Oranda

Other present stock ....

Now got in Gold Axolotl and Leucistic (White with black eyes)

Coldwater Botia from China...

Also in stock ...
Pearlscale Goldfish Golden Orfe
Red Ryukin
Blue Orfe 3"-4"
Grass Carp
Mirror Carp 5"-6"
Calico Orandas (2"-3")
Sarasa Comets (2"- 5")
Red Ryukin (3")
Red Oranda (4")
White Oranda (3")
Pearl Gold Axolotl
Albino Axolotl

Ryukin (High grade 2"-3")

Other stock in outdoor vats...

Sterlet (7"-8")
Albino Sturgeon 8"- 10"
Green Tench
Gold Tench
Golden Orfe
Blue Orfe (3"-4")
Butterfly Koi
Koi (3"-6")
Grass Carp (4" - 5")
Mirror Carp (3"-4")
Golden/Silver Rudd

Reptiles and Amphibians.
Within the coldwater section, as well as fish, there are often Axolotles and Newts to complement the foreign
species such as White's Tree Frogs and Spanish Webbed Newts.

*Please note... Reptiles and amphibians are order only.

Live foods..
Please note that Reptile foods are Order only

For all reptiles and amphibians, there is a wide selection of Live foods available including;-

Black and Brown Crickets.
Wax Worms
Small and large mealworms.
Winged Locusts.
Crickets (No 2 and No 3.)
*Fruit Flies (*To order)