We have an extensive range of aquariums inside the shop, ranging from a small Aqua Nano 30 to a large Fluval Roma 200 Litre tank. If we don't have a particular tank in stock that you want, larger tanks can be ordered. We also provide a service where you can order a tank to your own specific measurements, perhaps to fit perfectly into an alcove.

Aqua Nano 30
Fluval Roma 200

Discounts on some new tanks...
Also, inside the shop we have new tanks, sometimes with a discount from the R.R.P. and often including some extras as a bonus.

Second-hand Aquariums
As well as the vast range of new tanks, we have second hand tanks for sale where you can pick up a bargain. These are often on display outside our shop, while some with a wooden cabinet are kept inside.

Second hand tanks currently for sale.....

TANK and STAND as seen with heater and light. 79.99

CORNER UNIT; TANK and CABINET as seen with light. 149.99

"AQUA 1" , as seen with light and filter. 249.99

"AQUA STYLE 620" , as seen with light. 89.99

Home aquarium installation service
If you are new to fishkeeping and don't feel too confident about creating your own aquarium, we (Steve and Stewart) operate a home tank installation service and will set up the tank in just the way you want it, as well as giving useful advice with maintenance. We have installed many such set ups, not just in people's homes, but also in doctor's surgeries, as in the Euxton Medical Centre waiting room recently.

Relax in the doctor's waiting room!

Fish Tank Removal Service

As well as fitting tanks, we also provide a tank removal service so if you have any large tank/cabinet which is proving difficult for you to cope with, please get in touch with us. Tel 01772 601777

Made To Measure Aquariums

For anyone wanting a particular size of aquarium or cabinet, Aqualife can have them built to your requirements. Please ask staff for details.

Steven Spencer (right) and Stewart Handley